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Congratulations to America's leading detention supplier Bob Barker Company, who ranked 1st in Customer Satisfaction.
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Bob Barker Story

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In 1972 Bob Barker set up his business in the back of a barber shop and started supplying food service equipment to jails. From those modest beginnings, Bob Barker Company has grown into the nation’s largest detention supplier. Yet, from the very beginning, Bob Barker’s commitment to delivering service beyond expectations has remained the same. That’s why you can always depend on Bob Barker Company for the broadest selection of top-quality products, at competitive prices, with fast and efficient customer service and delivery. Our Vision is “Transforming criminal justice while honoring God in all we do.” Our mission is to… Grow. Redeem. Inspire. Transform.

What role does customer support have in your company?

We use Nicereply to measure internal customer satisfaction related to our Information Technology, Data Quality, Website, and Logistics Teams. Tickets created in our Service Desk are linked to a Nicereply survey and every technician is measured and compensated with a portion of their bonus based on their Nicereply scores.

What does customer happiness mean to you?

It means that our Teams are delighting our customers, removing their technology barriers, securing our information systems, and supporting our Team Members to execute our strategic plan.

What would you advise other companies to do to achieve the same success as you did?

Have a clear company Vision, Mission, and Values. Set high expectations and then hold your Team accountable to them. Follow up on any rating below a 9 and find out what you or your technician could have done better. Communicate to your Team the results of your surveys on a regular basis, especially the good comments. Catch them doing good, and reinforce that over and over again.

How did Nicereply help you?

Nicereply expanded our ticketing system’s (Zendesk) survey capabilities, and it enabled us to report out on a regular basis to our Team.

What was the biggest challenge you had to face this year?

Our biggest challenge in 2018 was to adapt to the many changes that took place within our company (consolidated two offices into one) and within our Team (new roles and responsibilities for each member).

Why is it important to measure customer feedback?

The voice of the customer is the best way for us to judge how well we did our job and to ensure that our Team is in alignment with our company’s core values. Providing mediocre service is not an option for us, and we can measure that thanks to Nicereply.

Best agents

Place Agents name Avg. score
1. Randall Crudup 9.96
2. Bryan Holmes 9.97
3. Angie Cote 9.96
4. Charlene Clemons 9.98
5. Michelle Corbett 9.95

Customer thoughts

Fast and thorough. Couldn't ask for more!

Less than 1 min to respond - don't think there is any way to improve.

Thank you for helping me and teaching me at the same time!

Nothing to improve...Service and professionalism always top notch!!

You guys are always so kind and helpful. Thank you for your computer sorcery!

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