Congratulations to the most outlandish and crazy ecommerce store Shinesty, who ranked 2nd among Small Businesses.
Average score 9.91
Number of ratings 3 581

Shinesty Story

Please briefly
introduce your company

Shinesty has one mission: to create the most outlandish and outrageous line of apparel that turns head and starts conversations. When worn correctly, the right clothing can make Mike Tyson's albino tiger purr like a kitten, blow the minds of boringly-dressed onlookers, or be a major contributing factor in the creation of a small human that looks strikingly similar to you.
Whether you are searching for a rare retro piece, enough neon to blind the 80s, or simply something that would make Chuck Norris weep with pride, Shinesty is here to help. Shine On.

What role does customer support have in
your company?

Customer support here are pivotal. We’re the ears on the ground and throw feedback left and right. In a lot of organizations, support is seen as a cost center. We’re lucky here because everyone understands the value that we bring and its constantly top of mind.

What does
happiness mean
to you?

For us, happiness is all about the amount of effort you have to exhaust. Contacting support typically has a negative connotation. Bearing that in mind, we try to make it as easy as possible.

We develop a lot around self-service to allow people not to waste time talking to us by allowing them to do a lot online. When they do have to talk to us, we take our unique brand approach to make it a different, funny, and helpful experience.

What would you advise other companies to
do to achieve the same success as you did?

It’s not all about CSAT, believe it or not. It helps, but we don’t focus that much on it here. Instead, we focus on effort. Think about walking through your customer journey to understand what it’s like for your customers, and you just might find something you can change for the better.

How did Nicereply
help you?

We channel most of our support feedback through NiceReply. Allowing everything to be kept all in the same area makes it really easy to analyze and act quickly.

All without inundating people with more than necessary transactional emails soliciting feedback.

What was the biggest challenge you had to
face this year?

Our biggest challenge this year was responding to a viral video that garnered 55 million views in a few days. A great problem to have!

Best agents

Place Agents name Avg. score
1. Steven PicoStark 9.94
2. Cody Szymanski 9.93
3. Will Hilgendorf 9.89
4. Antonio King 9.91

Customer thoughts

I love this company. Always great dealing with Shinesty. Thanks for the great products and service.

I have been shining on for nearly two years now. Your customer service has been top notch and that’s why I keep coming back to Shinesty. Thank you.

The timeliness of the response and the way you handled the situation far exceeded my expectations. Consider me a new loyal customer!

My first instinct is to say speed of response, but when I think about that more... it was all pretty sensational and far over and above what I would expect from an online enquiry. Damn fine work all around.

No improvement possible..... response was fast, to the point and above and beyond expectation. You guys nailed it!!!

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