Congratulation to Juniqe team,
who ranked 1st place in Customer Happiness Awards 2015, receiving the highest rating average in Central Europe.

We are the Berlin-based online store for eclectic, affordable art from around the world. We curate the work of genuine artists and make it available in the form of wall art, fashion, home accessories and more. Our platform empowers emerging artists to reach out to a larger audience and profit from the sales of their work. With our collections we inspire our customers to bring more art into their lives. The JUNIQE Customer Service Mantra is to engage in an authentic, quirky and creative dialogue with our customers, who come as kings and leave as friends.

Babett Schultze
Head of Customer Service

Average score
Number of ratings
1 205

Our best agents

Place Agents name Avg. score
1 Babett Schultze 10.00
2 Daria Oz 9.92
3 Jannis Thim 9.76
4 Lui Kohl 9.64

What our customers say

“Perfect customer service! Big companies could learn from this. Please keep this high service level up, because this makes the difference between okay and brilliant customer experience.”

“This is real 'Juniqe' and exceptional! Never had such a personal, warm , special . excellent and careful Service! THANK YOU!!! You are AWESOME customer Service!”

“Quick reply, friendly reply, the reply was so overenthusiastic, it made me snicker at work. Thumbs up!”

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