Congratulation to Go! Go! Nihon team,
who ranked 1st place in Customer Happiness Awards 2015, receiving the highest rating average in Asia.

We strive to always deliver the best customer service to all of our customers across multiple language platforms. Our multinational staff is one of our most important assets at Go! Go! Nihon, and we use the awesome synergy we have created and apply it to each and every customer. We hope that this positive energy efficiently reaches our customers and fans and help us deliver the greatest results to everyone around the world!

Davide Rossi
CEO, Go! Go! Nihon

Average score
Number of ratings

Our best agents

Place Agents name Avg. score
1 Federico Bianchi 9.64
2 Sabrina Plastino 9.55
3 Catherine Dame 9.46

What our customers say

“Alanna, great attention to detail and prompt replies to all inquiries. Thank you for understanding and I wouldn't hesitate to work with you in the futures. Best wishes. Dave Yarbrough”

“I had amazing service, my questions were always answered, and I had very quick responses! Thank you, Go! Go! Nihon for everything!”

“Extremely helpful. Answered all my questions clearly, and quickly!”

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