Congratulation to BiznessApps team,
who ranked 1st place in Customer Happiness Awards 2015, receiving the highest rating average in North America.

At Bizness Apps, we always say that customer service is our culture. Providing excellent support has been built into the DNA of our company from day-1. It is the foundation of what our business was built on and will always remain one of our most pivotal competitive advantages. Building our team around this core idea has helped us to create a culture of customer-centric individuals who are focused on outcomes for the client opposed to just closing a ticket. We could not have achieved level of service without using NiceReply.

Zach Cusimano
COO at Bizness Apps

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Our best agents

Place Agents name Avg. score
1 Malik Chabani 10.00
2 Jean Rizk 9.71
3 Daniel Maobe 9.70

What our customers say

“Malik got back to me FAST! And gave me easy, clear instructions on how to fixe the issue, and with screenshots! Problem fixed!!! Thank you Malik, you rock!”

“As always - The Biz Apps support team are second to none. Thanks Jade - appreciate the quick response. Kind Regards, Paul”

“Jade was knowledgeable, friendly, prompt, and helpful. Everything you want from a customer service rep but so rarely get. She's a keeper.”

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