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Smartresponder ranked 1st place in Nicereply Customer Happiness awards 2014, receiving the highest rating average in Eastern Europe.

1. Виктор Петров 9.88
2. Iulia Minacova 9.87
3. Максим Марченко 9.86
4. Alexandr Nituleac 9.83
5. Olga Bujinova 9.82
5 789
94% of all ratings was the highest score 10

And only 0.00% of all ratings was the lowest score 1

What Our Customers Say

“Спасибо, Александр, за четкую, профессиональную работу. Понравилось наше общение без лишних слов и напоминаний. Все по делу! Так держать марку и дальше! С уважением, Валерий”
“Оперативность ответов. Понимание клиентов и их потребностей. Чёткое формирование вопросов и ответов.”
“Стиль работы с клиентами, оперативность,а главное, что есть результат от помощи.Спасибо.”

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Nicereply commentary

We are providing our clients convenient tools to build lists of loyal subscribers, deliver beautiful newsletters across that list, analyze reports, automate business communication, build strong relationships with customers and convert it into profit.
Smartresponder is one of our most important partners and we are pleased to award them as the best team in Eastern Europe. Congratulations to whole support team for a fantastic customer service. We are really happy to have you on board. Thank you for being awesome :)