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Layershift ranked 1st place in Nicereply Customer Happiness Awards 2014, receiving the highest rating average in Western Europe.

1. Bart Bania 9.91
2. Zoltan Czika 9.87
3. Daniel Stan 9.85
4. Simona Telcean 9.81
5. Victor Inceu 9.80
1 045
84% of all ratings was the highest score 10

And only 0.10% of all ratings was the lowest score 1

What Our Customers Say

“The service offered by Layershift is beyond amazing. You speak to real people and they get your problems resolved FAST!”
“Great support, as usual, with true human interest and a didactic approach. I do not like to rate things at the maximum, but as this is not the first time I have a pleasant experience... here you have my ten stars!”
“I have to tell you how much I appreciate the service from your support guys. Really fast response, very knowledgeable, and they never make you feel like you're asking stupid questions, even when you are :-) The best move we ever made with our hosting.”

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Fully Managed Cloud VPS Hosting in UK, Chicago, Singapore. Comprehensive SLA and proactive management. We run your servers so you can run your business.
Layershift is one of our most important partners and we are pleased to award them as the best team in Western Europe. Congratulations to whole support team for a fantastic customer service. We are really happy to have you on board. Thank you for being awesome :)