Getting feedback from our customers is a huge motivator for everyone in ipsyCare, but it doesn't end there. For years it has been our tradition to read a "feel good" customer rating from Nicereply at our weekly company meeting. This allows us not only to showcase how much our customers love the relationship we have with them, but also demonstrates how much they appreciate everyone at ipsy behind the scenes.

Nicereply helps us to understand our customers better when they're disappointed and gives them a way to cheer us on when they're happy, which are both critical components in how we gauge our own success. Customer feedback helps inform recommendations we make to other departments, as well as improvements we implement within our team. We grew our team by 70% in 2016, and Nicereply has been instrumental in allowing us to maintain a consistent level of excellent service across different segments of our team and time zones. We love this tool!

Kathrine McCarthy
ipsyCare Manager

Best Agents

Our best agents

Place Agents name Avg. score
1. Cherri Ancao 9.69
2. Jan Antoniette Manzo 9.63
3. Merlyn Alair 9.67
4. Ken Cordova 9.63
5. Sushi Gomez 9.64

Customers say

What our customers say

“Ipsy customer support couldn't have been better! Great products, great customer service & overall a great company!”

“This is the fastest customer support response I have ever had! I am so appreciative of what you are going to do for me! Thank you so very much!”

“Super fast customer support! This was my first "problem" in the year that I've been subscribed to Ipsy. Very impressed with this company all around. We all make mistakes and you guys are so on top of things. Thank you so much!!”

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