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Everything relevant at your fingertips

Average rating and a total number of CSAT, CES 2.0, and NPS ratings including trends, charts, and histogram; will keep you up to date in a few seconds. Drill down stats per team, agent or time according to your needs.

Who is the best?

The leaderboard will show you who is the best-rated support hero. All agents are sorted by the complex index based not only on average rating scores but also on the number of collected ratings.

No goals = no direction

Goals will keep you on track with continuous improvement of your customer service. Set your total average rating score goal, and even for bad ratings, within your definition of what you consider being a “bad (negative?) rating”.

Act on negative feedback

Negative ratings are carefully monitored and marked as issues. Every dissatisfied customer will be highlighted, and you can take proper action to prevent negative gossips or even retain a valuable customer.

Reports right into your inbox

Regular weekly and monthly reports directly to your inbox help you keep track of your customer service quality.

Know your customers

Who complains and who praises? Integration with popular help desk and CRM tools like Desk, Zendesk, Salesforce and others, can bring you a benefit of matching each feedback to your customer and ticket.

Gain control over your customer service quality

No credit card required. All features included.