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Do you ever wonder if your Customer Service department is, you know, actually supporting customers?  At Bizness Apps, we did.

(Until, of course, we got Nicereply.)

Before we implemented basic customer surveys, we were somewhat in the dark about the effectiveness of our customer support.  We knew we were answering questions, and we knew if a customer was unhappy with something, but it wasn’t at all systematic.  We didn’t have an easy way to break down and review common questions, or to tell what the average customer thought of our efforts.

We did a bit of research, to see if things could be improved.  We found out that with a bit of simple customer survey integration, we could analyze our customer support activities and figure out where we needed to be more effective.  What we didn’t expect, however, was the hidden benefit:


It totally revolutionized our customer support training program.

For those who don’t know how Nicereply works, each time we email a customer with an answer to a support question, it comes embedded with a short request.  The request asks the customer to rate the support they received, provide their name, and to share any feedback or notes they might have.

Simple, right?  Sure.  But the results have been incredible.

Nicereply took us a single day to get integrated with our systems.  Then, over time, we started getting feedback in our customer support ratings feed.  Our effectiveness was largely rated as we expected it to be, and we were able to identify a few immediate areas for improvement.  But what really blew us away was that we could track the average rating of each of our team members.  In a few short weeks, we saw who provided the best support, who was about average, and which team members’ approach just didn’t seem to be working well.

Armed with this knowledge, we went to our best reps and sat down with them to pick their brains.  We learned a ton about what makes them so successful.  Then, we were able to address the rest of the team and share what we had learned.  Now, our customer support training program includes the practices that have worked for our best team members, and our entire group can share techniques and improve as a whole.

After implementing these best practices, our customer support rating has climbed to 98% positivity!

Having happier customers has led to higher customer retention, and a better customer experience all around.  If you’re considering implementing customer surveys, and want to enjoy the benefits that come with knowing exactly what your customers think of your company, we strongly recommend that you give Nicereply a shot.


Andrew Gazdecki is the founder and CEO of Bizness Apps, a do-it-yourself app maker platform for small businesses and Bizness CRM, a CRM designed to make selling to small businesses easy.


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