Hello everybody! Today, we are bringing you another little tweak to play with. The tweak is about the number of pre-selected stars on your rating pages. You can change this number and there are couple of reasons why it might be useful.

First of all, I will explain the trick and later on I will proceed to the reasons why we think this might be useful for you. The actual work you need to do is surprisingly small. The only thing you need to do is add “/?s=#” to the end of your rating link.

Note: Change # for the actual number of stars you want to have pre-selected.


For example,


will pre-select 10 stars on the rating page.

We see two main reasons, why this can be useful. Firstly, you can increase the amount of ratings you receive from your customers, since the rating process gets a little bit more simple.

Second and maybe more important reason is more psychological. Since, you can play with the exact number based on your previous ratings, you can actually make the customer happy by guessing the rating he is about to give. This might have an actual impact so that he might be willing to increase his rating.


In conclusion, this theory is still on a very thin line, but it’s definitely something to have fun with 🙂