We’ve always thought that getting feedback on support emails via a simple service is a great idea and of course, that’s why we created Nicereply in the first place. Proving that we’re not the only ones really into this idea, 37signals, one of the most respectful web development companies around created their own small application and called it Smiley.

Apart from the fact that it’s a pure coincidence that Smiley and Nicereply do pretty much the same thing (it’s not rocket science after all), they managed to put the core functionality online in 24 hours. Now a lot of people started pointing fingers, suggesting we do a lousy job. This is certainly not true – everybody who’s ever created a service online (including 37signals) have to admit that putting together a prototype and delivering a finished product are two fundamentally different things.

Secondly, we’ve decided to spend a few hours to demonstrate the power of Nicereply API in coding a small application you can deploy on your server in 24 minutes ( hence the theatrical title:) ).

The smileys are given respective rating points (happy=10, normal=5, sad=1). We didn’t really bother recreating the Smiley backend view, but if someone is really interested, there’s an easy way to pull the ratings from nicereply via the same API.

We hope you enjoy it, we’re planning to roll out some more custom rating options directly to nicereply, stay tuned!

Off the record: we really liked the latest book by 37signals called REWORK and you should definitely check it out too.

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