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  • How to make Nicereply work with almost any helpdesk system


    Apart from the growing number of Help desk systems that work nicely with Nicereply, you can connect it to virtually any system (even your custom-coded). Here’s a simple general guide for this kind of integration. The benefit of having Nicereply connected to a support system is that you’ll be able to see the exact email your customer has rated. To make things work, the Help desk system of your choice has to meet some basic requirements:

    • It uses a unique ticket ID in ticket URL, for example
    • It has unique identifiers for agents, e.g. jack-daniels or 348592
    • It has the possibility to insert variables to outgoing emails – usually these are called notification templates, signature templates, etc.


    Setting up Nicereply

    Go to Settings -> Integrations -> Choose “OTHERS”. Then you’ll be taken to simple three-step setup guide.

    1. Import Users

    We have to add new agents. You can do it either manually by “add new person” or by bulk action “import CSV”. In both actions take care about agent’s “username”. It must much unique user ID at your help desk system, whether it’s jack-daniels or 984922. Repeat this for every agent.

    2. Customize the Survey

    3. Insert Link

    Here we came to the most important part. Next, you’ll have to activate the Ticket link, so that we know where to point the link to your every ticket. If the URL for a respective ticket in your Help desk system is for example:

    then your input field for the ticket system url will look like this:‹TICKET_ID›

    Setting up your help desk system

    Inside your help desk system, you’ll have to set up the variables in email signatures. The place where you actually edit your signatures varies from system to system so it’s more or less up to you where and what you edit. Best advice is to follow ‘templates’ or ‘notifications’ to find some email reply template where you can insert your user agent and ticket id variables.

    If your company is named for example Perfect Company and your rating screen is on, and the variables available are for example {{}} and {{}}, insert line like this to the reply template:

    Please, rate my message here:{{}}/{{}}


    What happens now?

    Whenever someone gives you rating for your reply from the help desk system, they are directed to e.g. Since your user ID in nicereply matches the one in your ticketing system and we store the ticket ID as well, you can now click an icon by every rating and it will take you directly to the ticket in your system. And that’s it!

    We also encourage anyone who integrates Nicereply with any ticketing system not listed on our Extras page to drop us a line at our email, so that we can share it with everyone. Thank you!



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